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Mapplethorple, The Director's Cut (2021)

2h 15min   |   English   |  Ondi Timoner

Mapplethorpe, The Director’s Cut offers restored scenes depicting Mapplethorpe’s childhood love of photography, his embattled relationship with his father, and his lingering, ambivalent connection to the Catholic faith.


The film follows Robert's important love affair with Patti Smith and his subsequent, pivotal romance with powerhouse art collector Sam Wagstaff. We see Mapplethorpe's development of a precise, erotically-charged photographic style, along with his ultimately successful struggle to attain mainstream recognition—a status interrupted, although barely halted, by his untimely death from AIDS.


Mapplethorpe, The Director’s Cut portrays a nuanced portrait of an artist at the height of his craft, along with the self-destructive impulses that threatened to undermine everything he prized.

Mapplethorpe - The Director's Cut Trailer
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