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Nathalie Seaver

Executive Vice President

Executive Producer

Nathalie Seaver

Nathalie Seaver grew up in the Manhattan world of book publishing and began her film career as a photo researcher for Terrence Malick on Days of Heaven and in Paris, working for Francois Truffaut.

Seaver has a long history in the film business and has held various creative development positions in film and television, at Universal Pictures in New York, and in Los Angeles, at Warner Brothers and Showtime, as a production as VP of Drama, Longform.


When Seaver stepped away from the entertainment business to found and manage her eponymous, sustainable women’s apparel company, she continued to act as a consultant on film and publishing projects.  She began working for Foothill Productions as a creative and marketing consultant in 2018, until she was promoted to her current role as Executive Vice President in 2020. 


Seaver is also an award-winning photo-based artist, and has presented her work extensively in gallery exhibitions in the United States and in Paris and has been featured in various publications, including the Getty Museum Iris blog.

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