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Food and Country  (2023)

1h 40min   |   English  |  Laura Gabbert


America's policy of producing cheap food at all costs has long hobbled small independent farmers, ranchers, and chefs. Worried for their survival, trailblazing food writer Ruth Reichl reaches out across political and social divides to uncover the country's broken food system and the innovators risking it all to transform it.

● June 21 - 23, Nantucket Film Festival

● June 29, Aspen Film Festival special screening (Thanks Melony Lewis!)

● July 20 - Aug 6, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

● July 20, NewportFilm special screening   (Thanks Andrea van Beuren!)

● July 21, Martha's Vineyard Film Festival special screening   (Thanks Geralyn Dreyfous and Diana Barrett!)

● July 29, Sundance Film Festival special outdoor screening 

● Sept 27 - Oct 4, Woodstock Film Festival

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