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Dogtown Redemption (2015)

1 h 35min   |   English   |  Amir Soltani, Chihiro Wimbush

A surprising number of Americans make their living off vast rivers of trash. They are America's unseen. Dismissed as scavengers and pests, these "pirates of trash" come to life in DOGTOWN REDEMPTION, the story of an underclass of shopping cart recyclers, poor entrepreneurs who defy Darwin every day, cheating death and despair by seeking redemption in trash.

We follow the lives of three recyclers: Jason Witt, the titan of recycling, Landon Goodwin, a former minister, who struggles with his own fall from grace, and Miss Hayok Kay, the ultimate outsider, formerly a punk rocker from a prominent Korean family, now at the mercy of the elements and predators.

Dogtown Redemption (Official Trailer)
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