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Lift  (2021)

87min   |   English, Spanish   |  David Peterson

This video has been deleted.

Spanning the course of 10 years, this moving film follows Steven and his hand-picked students as they traverse the ups and downs of their journeys from shelter to stage, culminating in a remarkable performance that speaks to the often unseen struggles of homelessness in America.

By 2020, things start to take a dire turn. In May, Storm Lake becomes the COVID-19 epicenter in the state. The public health catastrophe poses an existential crisis for The Times as ad revenue and newspaper sales suffer a serious blow. And yet, the need for The Times is more vital than ever as credible journalism is under siege and democracy hangs by a thread. Despite the setbacks, the financial losses, and even quarantine, the Cullens continue to deliver the news. There’s simply too much at stake not to.

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